Services aboard

Transfer to the boat and back


  • Transfer from Hurghada city and Marsa Alam city to boat and back is included.

Transfer cover all hotels in Hurghada and Marsa Alam city (transfer does not cover HRG neighbourhoods as Sahl Hasheesh, El Gouna etc- to pick up from there please contact for additional private car arrangements); Pick up from hotel will be scheduled Saturday around lunch time.

  • Transfer pick up from all HRG and Marsa Alam airport arrivals every Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM.

In the case of early arrival – at night between Friday and Saturday; hotel reservation for a day is required to wait for transfer there. We recommend any hotel in “Mamsha” area of HRG or any hotel in Marsa Alam city.

In the case of late arrival- Saturday after 7 PM; private car transfer is required. Please contact for price calculation.


  • Group transfer departs from the boat Saturday early morning and arrives to Hurghada around 12 AM-1 PM.

The transfer can drop off in any hotel of Marsa Alam or Hurghada city ( for drop off in neighbourhoods additional private car arrangement is required).

For early departures ; it is possible to leave boat starting from Friday lunch time ( we do not recommend as equipment will be probably wet), private car required for additional price.

Hotel accommodation before/after the trip:

We are pleased to inform you that we have established cooperation contracts with various hotels in Hurghada. As part of our scuba trip package, we are available to assist you with hotel reservations in the following scenarios:

  • Early Arrival: If you arrive early, for example on a Friday or during the night between Friday and Saturday, we can help arrange hotel accommodation for you.
  • Post-Trip Accommodation: If your flight is scheduled for Saturday evening, Sunday, or a later date, we can assist with hotel accommodation after the scuba trip.

We provide a range of options to suit your needs, including day use offers, day stays, and beach use only packages. Hotel accommodation is a subject of extra charge. For further details and to make arrangements, please contact us. 

Equipment rental

Diving equipment rental is available.
All equipment is in good condition and all regulators are serviced annually.

MY CU Red Sea Scuba diving liveaboard trips
Photo by Viktoria Milon
MY CU Red Sea Scuba diving liveaboard trips
SMB18 eurPer week
BCD 6 eurPer day
Regulator including octopus 6 eurPer day
Suite 5 mm6 eurPer day
Computer7 eurPer day
Mask and snorkel3 eurPer day
Fins3 eurPer day
Boots3 eurPer day
Torch5 eurPer day
Full equipment set without computer180 eurPer dive week
Full equipment set including computer220 eurPer dive week
15l tank rent35 eurPer dive week
 Nitrox 1 tank 12l or 15l  7 eur in 12l, 9 eur in 15l  Per tank
 Nitrox unlimited package 70 eur in 12l, 90 eur in 15l Per dive week

If you order by piece please count 6 days rent. All equipment for rent has to be booked in advance. Please indicate your size. Each diver is personally liable that scuba set is complete and function well.

We provide nitrox and rental only if ordered one week before the trip starts. 

Penalties for lost or damaged equipment by customer.

BCD 280eur
Regulator including octopus 380eur
Suite 5 mm140eur
Mask and snorkel25eur

Courses aboard

A week aboard is a perfect time to upgrade your scuba diving skills while combining leasure and development!

Specialty Courses: The choice of course institution ( PADI/CMAS) depends on instructor’s certification who are currently aboard during the week of the trip.
Nitrox course
CMAS course- 185 EUR/week
PADI course-
185 eur/week
The nitrox course allows you to use an air mixture with an increased oxygen content. This is a must-have for every diver, the right degree of freedom in choosing a mixture for the duration of the cruise.
Deep diver
PADI course-150EUR
Deep diver CMAS course-100EUR
After this course you will be allowed to make dives till 40meters depth, this is absolutely necessary for Advance open water certificate holder to make deep dives on Daedalus or Brothers and to not stay “under the group” on the allowed by their card depth which is 30 meters.During this course the diver learns emergency decompression procedures, how to plan deeper, safer dives, while understanding the risks involved in deep diving.



Certification Courses: 
Advanced Open Water

PADI AOWD 200 eur course + 85 eur book and card = 285 eur

CMAS 2*One week 300EUR+50EUR certification
This course is necessary to join any liveaboard trip. You can join with OWD and fulfill the AOWD course aboard. This course allow to make dives till 30meters (PADI) or 40meters CMAS 2* depth.

Private Dive Guide Assistance

Discover the perfect solution for guests with limited scuba experience or those seeking added confidence underwater – our exclusive Private Dive Guide Assistance. Tailored to provide personalized support, our skilled dive guides ensure a safe and enjoyable diving experience.Whether you prefer diving independently for more freedom or are purchasing courses aboard, our Private Dive Guide Assistance complements your needs perfectly.

This service is complimentary and is not obligatory.

Private Dive Guide  350 eur/per week
Private Dive Master  150 eur/per week 

Connection aboard ( WiFi/ calls) 

Dear guests, 

Please take note of the WiFi availability and communication options aboard the boat during your trip:

The WiFi connection aboard the boat is accessible only when we are within the coverage zone. However, please be aware that during cruising in remote areas without coverage, WiFi service will be unavailable. This means that neither a local SIM card nor a regular mobile network can be utilized for making calls or sending SMS messages.

Typical Schedule and Communication Options:

Our schedule for WiFi availability generally follows the following pattern, although it may be subject to change based on the itinerary and weather conditions:

Saturday and Sunday: WiFi is available aboard the boat, allowing for calls and SMS messages.

Monday (lunchtime) to Thursday (evening): Due to the boat being outside the coverage zone, WiFi service will be unavailable. Consequently, making calls and sending SMS messages will not be possible during this period. However, we do offer a satellite-based telephone service for making calls during this time, which incurs an additional charge of 5 EUR per minute. A charge is obligatory to be paid even if the call was not successful ( call was not picked up). 

Friday and Saturday: WiFi service is once again available aboard the boat, regular mobile network available. 

We kindly advise you to prepare in advance for a delightful digital detox holiday experience. Please be aware that during certain periods of your trip, connectivity options will be limited. Embrace the opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and immerse yourself fully in the beautiful surroundings and activities onboard.

To book: groups, dive clubs, individual bookings

We are here to help with any questoins  or inquiries about your next scuba trip!


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+20 1112983833


Set sail on a scuba diving adventure with MY CU ( MY See You). Our liveaboard offers the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation, with comfortable accommodations and top-notch scuba diving experiences on the best itineraries of the Red Sea- BDE, St Johns, Rocky Zabargad, Nord. From vibrant coral reefs to stunning shipwrecks, the Red Sea has it all, and MY CU is the perfect way to explore it. Join us for an unforgettable journey!